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It has been very important for us that we have been able to carry out the employee satisfaction surveys in-house in such a fast and efficient way - and we are convinced that we also in the future will benefit from your system. We decided to buy defgo in the middle of March and have already now, in the middle of May, carried out three different surveys. The system is extremely easy to handle.
Gitte Krogh - HR Consultant
With defgo, our internal lecturers save a lot of time. It also gives them the possibility to continuously adjust their pedagogy and thus improve the content of our courses
Karin Melgaard - Lecturer
defgo is the Swiss knife with the most blades I have ever seen
Torben Andersen - Ceo
Electronic poll has been a positive experience. The impact was bigger than we dared hoping for.
Mads Henriksen
Chairman in C3
defgo generates manageable reports... and it is very easy to use.
Troels Gøgsig Larsen
It manager in FSB
All the time, we have had our finger on the pulse with the appraisal of our guests.
Shanghai Expo 2010
Christopher Bo Bramsen
Shanghai Expo 2010 - Commissioner
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