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Do your efforts lead to long-term customer relations?

The loyalty of your customers is directly reflected in the bottom line of your company. Therefore, it is crucial that the activities carried out by the company are of value for the customers. Happy customers are the way to loyal customers!

Many companies believe that they spend their resources in the most suitable way to strengthen the relation to their customers. However, there is often a gap between what companies say that they do, and what their customers actually experience that they do. The way to solve this problem is to continuously collect and process information about the customers' satisfaction.

Customer feedback - the way to loyal customers

It is a fact that companies that continuously collect customer feedback through well-structured procedures, are twice as likely to create loyal customers, which will return to the company and recommend it to others.

The customer feedback collected by the company has the potential to create mutual long-term relations, improve work processes and give the competitors a fight to the finish. However, before that potential can be fully utilised, it is necessary to exercise a systematic approach to the collection and analysis of data. That is what provides the solid and reliable basis for decision that makes companies able to excite and create long-term customer relations.

Capture the voice of the customers with defgo

For more than 10 years, defgo has helped several of the mayor companies in the Nordic countries to capture the voices of the customers with the Enterprise Feedback management system.

defgo provides a unique understanding of the voice of the customers through an intuitive system with a highly developed dashboard, manageable reports and an automatic report sharing function. In other words, defgo provides the strongest and most user-friendly tool on the market to enter into an intelligent and continuous dialogue with the customers and structure, analyse and share the collected feedback

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