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defgo is the solution to the needs of thousands of users to create loyal customers through a profound understanding of the business critical decisions of the customer.

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Get even closer to your close contacts.
defgo contains possibilities for everyone wishing to work with DIY questionnaires and action plans.

Large or small, defgo is the solution

  • Whether you are in a small company, in a department of a large company or you want a wider strategic group agreement, defgo has a solution for you.

Why choose defgo ?

  • We offer strong knowledge within our field of business and highly specialized solutions.

    defgo contains possibilities for everyone wishing to work with DIY questionnaires and action plans.

1-2-3 and your analysis is ready!

Add survey

Easily create a survey or use defgo's professional templates.

Send out

Send out to employees or customers by e-mail, social media, QR codes or print.


Analyse your responses with automatic charts and tables in defgo directly in Excel or PowerPoint.

The concept is simple

defgo is structured in modules, which allows you to put together the solution that fits the exact needs of your organisation to create and send out online surveys.


Basic features

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Basic features

Advanced modules

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Basic features

Work Place Assessment (WPA)

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More than 8.000 users. More than two million respondents per year.

Gitte Krogh - HR Consultant
'It has been very important for us that we have been able to carry out the employee satisfaction surveys in-house in such a fast and efficient way - and we are convinced that we also in the future will benefit from your system. We decided to buy defgo in the middle of March and have already now, in the middle of May, carried out three different surveys. The system is extremely easy to handle.
Karin Melgaard - Lecturer
'With defgo, our internal lecturers save a lot of time. It also gives them the possibility to continuously adjust their pedagogy and thus improve the content of our courses.
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